Sarawak Premier Urges The Business Community Adapt Green Economy Transition

KUCHING, 24 Jan - The Premier of Sarawak Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri (Dr) Abang Abdul Rahman Zohari Tun Datuk Abang Openg said  the state's commitment to a green economy, noting increased interest from financial institutions.

Premier Abang Johari stated, "Because our policy is towards a green economy, the banks are interested," he said in his speech during SCCI 72 Annual Dinner Cum Sarawak Entrepreneur of the Year (EOYS) 2023 Awards Presentation at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching. 

He emphasized the need for the business community to adapt to the evolving landscape, where conducting business requires adjusting to the changing financial instruments that now prioritize the green economy.

"In other words, digitization is now transitioning towards generative AI, no longer depending solely on software and platforms, as they have become redundant due to the advancements in AI methodology," Premier Abang Johari explained.

The Premier pointed out that energy and financial institutions are also undergoing significant transitions. Addressing the question of what to do during this period of change, he urged businesses to actively participate.

"So, you have to be a player in this transition period," Premier Abang Johari stated.

He stressed that the business community must embrace and adapt to this transition, indicating that the management of businesses should align with the changing environmental dynamics.

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